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Colin Dempsey and Supersmall

Colin Dempsey and Supersmall

Supersmall are Irish singer-songwriter Colin Dempsey and Israeli drummer Daniela Schiller. Colin Dempsey is an Irish singer songwriter, writer and storyteller based in New York. He has performed his unique blend of folk-rock music in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and most recently the US. When not strumming, Colin is cheering audiences with personal tales of growing up in Dublin; he is the former Producer and co-host of Comedyland at Astoria’s Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden, and still continues to gab throughout venues in Manhattan. When not telling stories (yes, he does shut-up…) he is writing them–you can catch him doing so at Kettle of Fish in the West Village every Wednesday…at the bar. He also plays bass guitar for New York neuroscience rock band The Amygdaloids. Colin is also part of the Heavy Mental Neuroscience folk rock duo So We Are. Rosanne Cash described “So We Are” as a kind of “post-modern Everly Brothers.” He also plays bass guitar for Ruby Rae. “The throwback honkytonk tunes of Ruby Rae [are] darker than your usual singer-songwriter fare, with noir-ish and Southern gothic influenced lyrics” – Washington Post Colin has performed on NPR, SiriusXM Radio, Dublin City FM, and various east coast radio stations.   Supersmall is a New York-based Indie rock band featuring singer-songwriter Colin Dempsey, drummer Daniela Schiller and Al Hoberman on bass. All are seasoned musicians that have played in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. This Other World is their debut release. It is a collection of original songs that has been described as having strong engaging melodies, poetic lyrics, and an overall sense of discovery. Colin and Daniela met on the New York storytelling scene – both are also writers and big fans of good whiskey. Most importantly, they are close friends and all of this shines through on the record. The next time you’re in New York, look them up and try to catch a live show, they’ll have whiskey. This Other World: Top 13 editor picks of 2013 – Deli Magazine NYC, Emerging Artist 2013! –Deli Magazine, NYC Supersmall finished 2018 with a full band show at The Bitter End on December 22nd. Thanks to all who came out. We had a great crowd which always makes getting further shows all that more easier. Supersmall on the night was yours truly, Daniela Schiller (Drums), Al Hoberman (Bass), Jennifer Coates (Violin) and David Humphrey (Sax). Look how big we’ve grown.  

Supersmall @ Rock Valley Schoolhouse.

Back in August I had the pleasure to play four songs at one of my favorite places to perform, The Rock Valley Schoolhouse in Long Eddy, New York. I debuted two new songs, Astronaut & Moksha Patam. It was part of a larger show and I managed to get some of the footage. See below.
  April 5th, 2003 I arrived and slept in my old college friend’s walk-in closet. It was pretty comfortable to be honest. I knew one person. I had a backpack, half of which was filled with CD’s (pre-iPod era), a guitar and $300. But I had promise of a job and got my first weeks wages upfront. I could write a book about those first six months, but I can no longer relate to that person anymore. If I have found a common thread amongst other immigrants, it is this – You only experience New York City for the first time, once. And you’ll spend the rest of your life here trying to recapture it. I am an American citizen as of January 8th, 2019. The blessings of liberty.